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My Thanksgiving #Diabetes Challenge and “Recovery Monday”

I am not going to take the time to over edit this post, as it is just a quick discourse of being a #diabetic, and finishing the biggest “food” holiday of the year.

First, I have the joy of celebrating Thanksgiving twice a year…once in November as you already have figured out, and usually around the 10th of October, which is Thanksgiving in Canada. My wife is Canadian born and here family lives to the north.

Okay…just in short, I did better this year than others, but still not great. On top of the #diabetes and several related conditions (#neuropathy and #retinopathy), I also deal with coronary artery disease. My body does not process fats and cholesterol well at all. So, even though you would not know it, my family’s Thanksgiving has an Italian theme with antipasto (deli meats, olives and more), ravioli and Italian desserts, on top of the usual turkey, stuffing and mashed potatoes. Then there are leftovers on Friday.

Basically, the Monday after Thanksgiving is always a challenge for me, yet I did a few things better this year. First, I monitored my portions, yet I know I kicked up my blood sugar. I went for an hour walk after the dessert with my son, which was good for our physical and mental health, and most of all, tried to be less stressed (stress increases cholesterol).

So after a weekend of travel and food, it is time to get back to an even course before we enter the Christmas and New Year season.

– Less Carbs
– More Veggies
– Almost No Meat
– Walking, strength and stretching exercises
– Stress reducing activities.

Well, I am off to work some more. Drop me a line on the connect section of my website, send me an email at or follow my Twitter @michaeldonohoe.

Keep Moving and Keep Living!