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The Best Business Advice I’ve Seen Today…


This is just a little rant…

In my many years as an advertising project manager and producer, I have seen well laid out programs and campaigns blow up for both complex and sometimes simple reasons.

When I saw this image (“Everything is figureoutable”) on Linked IN today, I took a step back while I was assessing my own business and said to myself, “yes it is!”

We tend to make things complex and difficult, especially in business. It is a push or a pull of power, hierarchy, experience, common sense and sometimes luck.

Without perceived complexity, I would not have able to offer to my clients, or past employers my services as a project manager.

So the next time, you think a project is too difficult to figure out, just realize and remind yourself that “everything it is figureoutable.” Get the right guidance, think it through, trust your “gut” and offer a great solution to your team.

So, to quote Nike straight up, “Just Do It!” And to quote me, “You’ve Got This!”




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